A variety of applications and experiments can be performed using the MP3. The wide range of the electromagnetic radiation wavelength sensors combined with the automatic weighing and watering station allow the detection of a high number of morphological and functional patterns, which is valuable for characterizing genotype-phenotype relationships and screening of valuable phenotypic traits. Phosphate limitation, tolerance to high salt concentration, freezing temperatures, and arsenic toxicity in the MP3


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Abiotic Stress Phenotypes Are Associated with Conserved Genes Derived from Transposable Elements

A Comprehensive Approach to Assess Arabidopsis Survival Phenotype in Water-Limited Condition Using a Non-invasive High-Throughput Phenomics Platform

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A multi disciplinary team of specialists supports the MP3 operation and the subsequent analysis. The platform is available for use by the whole scientific community. If you require more information or are interested in using the facility, don't hesitate to contact Emilio Vello at: email me